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Live at Delta

A live album from a concert at Delta Centre of Contemporary Art in The Hague, Netherlands, featuring works by G Douglas Barrett, Joseph Kudirka, Taylan Susam and James Tenney.

A small run of CDRs are available for purchase, and the entire album is available as a digital download.



The event for which we created the installation Pars Pro Toto has some beautiful documentation which we highly recommend checking out.

There are pictures, audio and a discussion of the whole event:


Extraordinary Renditions

Our first "covers album", involving multiple live recordings and the Guantanamo Bay torture playlist. It was released on September 11 2011, and manipulates its material using formulas and procedures designed by the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

It is now available as a digital download from Zero Moon net label and in a special 9/11 happy meal package with the first issue of Much Too Much Noise.


Much Too Much Noise
Much Too Much Noise is a new journal for radical aesthetics available in print form and online.

Click on the image on the left to read the first issue.