Title: Stockhausen Serves Terrorism: 10 Years Of Sodom And Gomorrah
Composer: Acid Police Noise Ensemble And Anonymous Stateless Immigrants
Duration: 3 Hours
Performances: 11 September 2011 - Het Nutshuis, Den Haag

The coalition of Anonymous Stateless Immigrants and Acid Police Noise Ensemble will present an epic evening of music, theatre and performance to explore the dimensions of terrorism, violence, hysteria and the growing physical and virtual security market intelligence, exactly ten years after the collapse of New York's World Trade Center.

As the hidden dictatorial nature of our western “democracies” rears its head, this group of international composers, visual artists and performers risk to explore the hidden aspects of 9/11:

If so, how are artists, and art in general complicit in terrorism and the no less terrifying machinations of the security state?

How can art deal with fascism?

How does contemporary fascism manipulate and profit from the representations of terrorism?

Where are the borders located between violence's constructive and destructive forces? And within a culture of slaughter and repetition, is resolution to be found among its inhabitants?

With the collective support of a large number of musicians, actors, visual and performance artists; terror, violence, and hysteria, in their varied topical guises, will be outed, through an elaborately staged aestheticization of our omnipresent environment of horror.

The evening will see the release of a CD entitled Extraordinary Renditions, a “covers album” containing abstracted renditions of popular music and the manipulation of music utilized as a form of torture to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay using procedures designed by the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. The first issue of a new Hague-based zine dedicated to radical aesthetics will also be launched.

The Acid Police Noise ensemble is a collective of composers and performers. Their activities come from a mix of composition, performance art and improvisation, an exploration of noise with all of the vague, indiscriminate beauty that it implies.

The Anonymous Stateless Immigrants, the protagonists of the stateless immigrants of the world, are fed up with the imaginary freedoms and dreams spoon fed to us since birth, propagated by representational politics.